Georgina Burton

I am a holistic therapist, I started my holistic journey by becoming a Reiki practitioner. I then went on to study massage which I have always resonated with. The massage techniques are; Swedish massage, Aromatherapy, Indian head massage and hot stone massage. I also incorporate crystal tools into my massage style because of the benefits and sensations that they have. I also practice Rahanni and I am a Rahanni Celestial Practitioner. Rahanni healing is a 5th dimensional healing style, vibrating at heart level. It vibrates on a higher level as it channels the ascended Masters and Archangels. Rahanni helps balance the masculine and feminine energy. It is great for cleansing the mind, body and soul. It's a great way of helping clear emotional baggage. Before working at the Harlow Holistic Therapy Centre i worked on the road and was a travelling therapist, attending many festivals across the UK. I love to help aid the healing of others seeing my clients leave happy, lighter and cared for. I really enjoy my work and hope to spread healing and peace to as many people as I can.



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