Dosage Suggestions

Firstly, understand that dosage is very “personal-to-holder”, and two people suffering from the exact same condition will often find that the dosage between them varies significantly.

Your age, tolerance to cannabinoids (including past and present use of high-THC cannabis), fitness level and weight, all have a major impact on the effects of CBD.

However, by far the most important factor (according to several studies) is weight.
Generally speaking, the heavier you are, the higher your dose will have to be to gain the same effects as (for example) an individual weighing 10 kilos less than you.

The accepted dose within the CBD community which constitutes “medicinal use”, is around 200mg/day. However, most people find that they gain tremendously positive effects from a dose even a quarter of this size (50mg), whereas a select few people find that they have to take well above 200mg. It’s about trial and error.

As a general guide in adults (and again, please don’t take this as the Golden Rule or medical advice - it is merely a suggestion, based on my observations of many people combatting many different problems/illnesses over a long period of time), this should be what you’re aiming for:

Insomnia: 25-50mg/day (preferably before bed)

Mild aches and pains: 50-75mg/day

Severe pain (including symptoms from Fibromyalgia, and any neurological disorder such as MS, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, autism, etc): 200mg (minimum)/day

Neurological disorders with symptoms, but no severe pain: 100-150mg/day

Cancer (combatting symptoms - nausea, vomiting, etc): 50-100mg/day

Cancer (killing tumorous cells):
(Disclaimer alert - there are many different types of cancers and stages. Any conventional treatment you’re undergoing, as well as diet and general lifestyle, will also play a major role in this).
For this one, I won’t give a suggested amount, and would instead recommend that you look up a woman called Mara Gordon on YouTube.
Spoiler: for most cancers, you’ll need more than just CBD.

The CBD oil I’d recommend are the ones by Hempassion, for various reasons which I’ve stated in the past.

Any questions, contact Hempassion or Louise at Harlow Holistic Therapy Centre


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