ESTING & TREWhat is Food Sensitivity?

So many people ask this question and also were unaware that food sensitivity was the root cause of their issues.

Food Sensitivity is generally a reaction by the digestive system, although other areas of the body are very often affected. It can be hard to detect as symptoms can take many hours to appear; plus it can cause a huge number of diverse symptoms such as (but not limited to) :-

  • bloating
  • indigestion
  • constipation
  • diarrhoea
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • skin issues
  • sinus issues
  • joint & muscle aches & pains
  • depression
  • mood swings
  • anxiety
  • brain fog
  • cough or wheezing
  • insomnia
  • inability to lose/gain weight

Food Sensitivity Testing & Treatment
Foods which we rely on and consume in bulk may be the very foods that we should avoid. We could simply make a list of all these foods and avoid them but this relies on guesswork and often leads to restricting your diet unnecessarily.

Therefore, what I do is comprehensively test in a non invasive, quick & easy way to identify foods that show as being a problem for you.
Sometimes it is not just the food itself that is the issue, there could be many other factors at play. You could perhaps have a nutritional deficiency affecting digestion and absorption. Common deficiencies can be zinc, low stomach acid or your body may not be producing the required digestive enzymes.

You may not in fact suffer with for example indigestion but you may still have
sub-optimal digestion which can lead to many other seemingly unrelated symptoms.

You may be under a lot of stress which can lead to adrenal fatigue and also impair your gut health which can lead to any of the above mentioned symptoms

These are the sort of questions that can be addressed when you visit me. I am a Systematic Kinesiologist and I will work with you on an individual treatment plan.  This will guide your body back to health so that your symptoms reduce, you feel better in yourself and more energised and achieve your goals of well being. I can also work with you on a regular basis to keep you in balance and symptom free as you journey through life.


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