Esoteric Soul Healing

Esoteric Soul Healing is based on the teaching of Alice A Bailey and works with the energy of your soul to access your higher consciousness in order to restore harmony and balance in your life and is a transformational experience for Soul, Mind and Body.

It is a powerful, subtle-energy method of healing. It is an impetus for deep personal change and a renewed sense of Life Purpose.

Esoteric Soul Healing releases energy blockages which are often the cause of physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual difficulties.

When the energy of the soul flows unhindered, we feel happy, healthy, energised and content.

What to expect during the Healing Session

The session begins with a consultation which allows the client to talk freely about their symptoms and their reason for seeking healing. These reasons for seeking healing can vary widely and can include but not be limited to  Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. It also gives the client an opportunity to ask any questions about Esoteric Soul Healing.

In a healing session the client is made comfortable by lying down. Sitting on a chair is also possible. Clients remain fully clothed at all times and sessions last approximately one hour. When the healing session comes to an end, the client and healer then discuss the healing experience and their findings.

All sessions are treated with absolute confidentiality.

Reported Benefits

Some of the reported benefits of Esoteric Soul Healing include:
•    A new found vitality to embrace new life experiences by implementing your own inner wisdom and spiritual potential

•    A rediscovery of aliveness and vitality and recovery of emotional balance

•    An expansion into a stronger, more loving sense of Self and greater peace of mind

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