Systematic Kinesiology 

Kinesiology ( pronounced Kin-easy-ology) is a complete form of modern, natural and holistic healthcare. It evolved from western chiropractic medicine combined with eastern principles of acupuncture and energy flow.

It uses muscle testing to read the energetic bio feedback system from our bodies to find where health issues stem from. The muscle tests used are a type of body language to communicate to us problems and their solutions.

The treatment can include gentle structural realignment ,various emotional stress release techniques, specialised lymphatic massage, stimulating energy reflexes using gentle acupressure, food and other sensitivity testing, nutrition and nutritional deficiency testing, chakra balancing, suggested lifestyle changes and more.

Not only is Kinesiology so effective with addressing current problems, it is also highly effective to have a kinesiology session when feeling well. This is because it is able to detect sub-clinical issues and imbalances before symptoms arise, before they can be detected from a doctors visit or a blood test for example. This is where kinesiology is a truly preventative health care as it can keep the body in balance to prevent health issues arising in the first place.


Call Claire on 07761 576010 to book a treatment or discuss further.

£75 Initial Session & Consultation - please allow up to an 1 1/2 hrs.

£65 Follow up sessions - approx 1 hr



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