Semi Permanent Make-Up

I am Danielle, I am a Fully Qualified, Insured & Licensed Microblading & Micropigmentation Specialist based at Harlow Holistic Therapy Centre. If you have any questions or wish to book, you can contact me on my direct number 07803 848585

Permanent makeup is a big decision and one that takes careful consideration. You can trust that I will take my time to ensure the perfect result is achieved and you leave feeling beautiful, confident and satisfied.

At Harlow Holistic Therapy Centre we all have a passion for what we specialise in, for us we do not just perform treatments, we make a difference to our clients lives.

Unfortunately there is a rise in 'Mobile Permanent Make Up Artist's' who do not always have the level of training, insurance, and permission/licence from the council, which is reflected in their prices. Whoever you consider, always ensure you check everything including your safety before you comit. 


Treatment Description


Feather touch, Powder and Ombre Brows are the main tecniques I offer, depending on your needs, brows can be subtly filled in or completely remodelled. results can be very natural imitating real brow hair, or a fuller coverage to create a more promenant look, or the Ombre combines fine har strokes in to a fuller darker arch & tail all 3 techneques are individually customised to frame your face.

Eyeliner and eyelash enhancements are applied around the contours of the eyes in various thicknesses and styles to create a variety of aesthetic illusions. It makes the eyes appear larger, brighter, adds definition and draws attention to the eyes themselves.

There are 3 main lip enhancements you can choose from to improve the shape and fullness. Lip liner can be subtle or strong, Lip Blush the pigment is blended seamlessly into the natural vermillion border and is perfect for those who want a natural look with added volume and or shape correction, or the Full Lip colour applied to the whole lip area. This can be either a tint for a natural blush or a more vibrant colour. 


Treatment Prices


Semi-Permanent Make-Up & Micropigmentation


New Prices from 1st January 2019 - Book NOW!


*no hidden costs.includes 4/6 week top up (if required) - aftercare

  • Hair/Microblading


  • Powder Brows


  • Ombre Brow Combination  


  • Top Up - within 12 months


  • Top-Up - within 18 months





  • Top


  • Bottom


  • Top & Bottom


  • Lash Enhancement Top


  • Lash Enhancement Bottom

£ 99*

  • L/E Top & Bottom




  • Liner


  • Lip Blush


  • Full Lip Colour


  • Top Up - up to 12 months


  • Top Up - up to 18 months







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