Spine / Bone Tuning

Each illness is a musical problem - the healing, a musical solution.  The shorter and more complete the solution - the greater the musical talent of the physician.  Sickness demands manifold solutions.  The selection of the most appropriate solution  determines the talent of the physician.   From Novalis, an 18th Century German mystic poet


Spine / Bone Tuning - is the use of 12 tuning forks, each designed to resonate with a relevant vertebrae in the spine.  There are 12 notes/frequencies which match the identified frequency of each vertebrae.  7 Cervical, 12 Thoracic and 5 Lumbar.  


I was very fortunate to be introduced to Dr June Leslie Wieder's work - Song of the Spine - sound healing & vibrational therapy and complete her course.  


Dr June Leslie Wieder spent years identifiying the right frequencies and had the full set of 12 tuning forks specially made, which I am pleased to own.


As a therapy, each tuning fork is placed on the vertebrae, when the vertebrae is in balance and vibrating at the right frequency, in tune with the tuning fork; the bone, the muscle and all of the nerves & organs, served by those nerves; return to their balance state. It relaxes the central nervous system and balances the autonomic nervous system.  It can help with heart issues; respiratory issues and so much more - see chart below.


As a treatment, this can be performed with the client laying on their front, sitting in a chair or shiatsu seat; laying on their side or even standing; whichever is more comfortable & through light clothing.  I combine this therapy with elements of reiki healing; its relaxing and relieves many ailments and symptoms.  I am excited to bring this therapy to you.


Note, the use of tuning forks can not be performed directly on metal.

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