Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy, or Sound Healing, is a gentle, non-invasive, yet powerful therapy using frequencies and vibrations to massage the energetic body, change brainwave states, improve adrenal and lymphatic function, stimulate the vagus nerve, reduce pain, stress, anxiety, and depression, and many other benefits. 


The human body is vibrating, oscillating, all of the time and there are particular frequencies that are harmful to the balance of its vibrations which are present in daily life. When the body's frequencies are altered it causes dissonance, dis-ease, and long term chronic symptoms. This therapy applies frequencies that are scientifically proven to bring the body back into harmony, into resonance, which reduces and alleviates symptoms. This is a beautiful, relaxing, calming therapy which involves laying down, receiving beautiful sounds, and leaving more tranquil than you arrived. 


Although it's not required; adding the use of Infra-red light therapy blanket can greatly maximise the benefits of this therapeutic process.

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