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Our focus is your well-being and good health. You can depend on our highly-trained staff and our extensive experience.  

Our Therapist Team


I have been a Holistic Therapist for over 20 years.  I am qualified in Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Baby Massage, Reiki, HOPI Ear Candling, Detox Foot Spa Therapy, Hot Stone Massage Therapy and have a wealth of knowledge relating to all these therapies.


Current treatments offered by Louise are Reflexology, Reiki, HOPI Ear Candling and Detox Footspa


My main goal is to improve people's quality of life.  As a back sufferer, I know how it feels to be in pain every day.  I truly believe that the treatments we offer help improve people's quality of life.  


I believe that everyone should be treated equally, no matter what size, shape, fitness levels or dis/ability.  You will be most welcomed coming to our centre and you will be in very safe hands. We understand pain and we are here to listen and to help you.


I set this centre up to bring like minded people together.  I feel we have achieved this.  We are already doing great work and helping people that havent been able to get anywhere with other therapies before.


I have added in three new areas since we moved to the new premises:-


In February 2018 - we welcomed Danielle to the team.  Danielle is a Semi-Permanent Make-Up Artist.  When first approached, I did wonder if this would be a good fit for our business but then I thought about my own mothers experience; she had lost her eyebrows through health issues and having her eyebrows tattooed, gave her so much confidence and happiness, I knew that working with Danielle would bring that to others, giving people confidence and happiness, so how could we say no.  Danielle is a highly trained, fully insured and more importantly fully licenced, therapist.  Danielles treatment room is of clinical standards and meets all authorities standards.


As of 1st June 2018 - we welcomed Claire to the team.  Claire is a Systematic Kinesiologist.

Systematic Kinesiology (pronounced kin-easy-ology) is a modern, natural and holistic alternative healthcare.  It is an effective therapy which evolved from western chiropratic medicine, combined with eastern principles of acupuncture and energy flow.  

Kinesiology plays a huge roll in preventative health care as now more than ever we face constant stresses in life which can reek havoc with our bodies, be it nutritional, chemical, emotional or structural.   


I feel that not only is Claire a lovely person with a great energy and enthusiasm to help people balance their energies, Claire brings yet another holistic skill into the centre and provides another needed therapy, that supports all of the existing therapies already carried out in the centre.  


In 2019 we welcome Annie Marie.  Annie is a Reiki Master and will be working at our centre during the week.  We welcome Annie to the team and hope her time at the Holistic Centre is enjoyable. More to follow...... 


Our expanding team of like-minded - non judgemental - non egotistic - highly experienced - caring, fully insured & qualified therapists are all here to help you, when you need us.


Alison Young -     link to Alison's personal webpage http://www.aybodymechanic.com/


Louise To - 07796 930830 or 01279 414285


Natalia Jannert -    Body Mechanic  (see above link) (2019 due to health issues, Natalia will be taking a break in 2019 - we look forward to welcoming her back later in the year.  In the meantime, please contact Alison Young for treatments)


Linda Hammond - Clinical Reflexologist, specialising in Infertility Seren Natural Reflexology Programme - link to Linda's personal webpage elitereflexology.com


Qualified Beautician - Beauty Treatments by Danielle - 07803 848585


Danielle Parker - Semi-Permanent Make-Up Artist - Amor Beautiful You  07803 848585  https://www.facebook.com/Amor-Beautiful-You-149163982356830/?ref=br_rs


Claire Sayers - Systematic Kinesiologist / Food Intolerences / Bach Flower Remedies

- Facebook page to be added - see Treatments/Prices for further information.


Zoe Dunkin -  Hypnotherapist - 0707581 182195


Annie Marie Michael -  Reiki Master & Indian Head Massage Therapist - 07586 309724


Kelvyn Lynch - Mindfulness Moments - Essex - Intergrative Arts Counsellor - Mindfulness Trainer - Emotional Freedom Technique Therapist - NLP Master Practitioner - 07880 677992



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