Robin Burr

As a coach and hypnotherapist of 9 years, I have helped clients overcome numerous barriers they face in leading a happy, and healthy life. Pains, fears, anxieties and poor habits keep us from being the best version of ourselves, and I've found hypnosis to be one of the most powerful therapies to unlock peace and wellbeing.


Whether you are simply looking for gentle relaxation, stress reduction and to be more aligned with your mind and body, or you have an emotional or mental barrier, where nothing else has worked, perhaps hypnosis is your answer.


Or perhaps you are curious about your previous existence and want to journey temporarily into your past life to learn secrets to making the most of your future.


Hypnosis can help with many, many different situations, and so you will always have a consultation to explore your options before deciding what treatment, if any, is best for you.



Robin is Accredited with the Amercian Board of Hypnotherapy - the largest Global Standard, and is one of 43 people certified to Master Practitioner/Trainer of Hypnosis with them.


Robin is also a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP with the Society of NLP. the leading organisation for NLP globally



Treatments are tailored for each client - all sessions are 60-mins


General Relaxation, £95

ideal for those who are looking to explore hypnosis at a light level

Mind-Body Synchronisation, £155

a spiritual alignment of mind, body and soul and helps attain clarity, peace and wellbeing

Past Life Regression, £135 (£49 until end of February)

a visit to a past life. Great for those curious about their time before or may be looking for answers to life

Anxiety and Depression, £195

treatment for being unafraid of negative and intrusive thinking

Confidence & Motivation, £195

overall confidence such as social or professional settings. Gives your brain the motivation boost to achieve your goals

Phobias & Fears, £265

no matter how 'irrational', hypnosis can help you react to triggers with calmness and fearlessness.

Habits & Addictions, £225

smoking, gambling, sex, drinking, nail biting and more

Coaching, £95

if you're not ready for hypnosis, then sometimes a professional coaching session might just be what you need to get your thoughts and feelings in order. Suitable for anyone who wants more from their life 



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